CWave over Coax

CWave Ethernet-over-Coax

Digital technology continues to advance at an ever increasing rate, ushering in new services and consigning legacy devices to the scrap heap. Businesses looking to upgrade systems, or switch from analog to digital, have to assess equipment cost, training and installation. Let’s face it, companies don’t have options when it comes to keeping pace with technology; either they stay ahead or fall by the wayside.

IT managers need to consider both hardware and installation costs when upgrading to digital as Ethernet (Cat 5/6) wiring isn’t always available in schools, medical facilities, offices, apartments and hotels. Wi-Fi offers a partial solution, but rarely provides sufficient coverage and is too unreliable for mission-critical applications.

CWave® delivers high-speed digital networking over existing coaxial cable with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). If a building has coax wiring, CWave® will provide Ethernet connectivity without impacting existing services such as Cable TV or video surveillance.


The following use-case scenarios benefit from CWave®:

Key Features

  • Raw data rate 1.35 Gbps
  • No new wires – works over existing coax cables and splitters
  • Supports point-to-multipoint topology
  • Frequency range of 3.3 – 4.7 GHz
  • Guaranteed QoS for video, voice or data applications
  • Plug and play
  • Coexists with DOCSIS (incl. 3.1), cable, MoCA and satellite services
  • Triple play with QoS access to any coax outlet