CWave for Home Networks

CWave™ For Home

Wi-Fi has evolved into an inexpensive, universal solution for home networking but often falls short in delivering whole home coverage. Many Wi-Fi routers, especially those supplied by cable companies, have insufficient range to deliver HD video beyond their immediate location. HD video streaming requires Quality of Service (QoS) in addition to high bandwidth. So it’s no surprise that popular services like Netflix expose problems with Wi-Fi when two or more family members watch movies in different rooms.

Ethernet (Cat 5/6) could provide a solution but most US homes don’t have this wiring and retro-fitting is inconvenient and expensive. Pulse~LINK identified a need for a whole-home networking solution that’s as simple as Wi-Fi and also addresses the needs for high data rates and QoS.

The answer is CWave®

Here’s how it works. Nearly every US home is wired for cable and there’s usually an outlet wherever people are likely to watch TV. CWave® uses this existing coax cable to deliver video, voice and data throughout the house. Simply connect an Ethernet cable from the back or your broadband router to the CWave® device and a coax cable from CWave® to the Cable TV outlet. Now you can turn everyone’s bedroom into a HD streaming haven by connecting another CWave® bridge to the cable TV outlet. This simple, yet ingenious, device becomes another Wi-Fi hotspot, amplifying the signal and delivering flawless HD to the furthest reaches of the house.


CWave Ethernet over coax Wi-Fi Bridge


  • Raw data rate 1.35 Gbps
  • No new wires – works over existing coax cabling and splitters
  • Co-exists with CATV/SAT services
  • Point-to-multipoint topology
  • Supports DLNA and UPnP compliant devices
  • Plug and play and IEEE 802.15.3b compliance for easy piconet setup
  • Parameterized QoS guarantees bandwidth and minimum latencies for video, voice and data applications