Brady Buckley

Chief Executive Officer

Brady Buckley has over twenty-five years’ experience in leading companies to unprecedented growth and success, having served as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Vice-President of several telecommunications companies in the United States, including World Com Northeast of Boston, Massachusetts, American Telco of Houston, Texas and FairPoint Communications of Charlotte, North Carolina.  He has been responsible for the development and implementation of business planning that has taken companies from new market launches to market saturation within a short period of time; has led up to 4,000 employees in broad markets throughout the country; steered hundreds of millions of dollars in strategic acquisitions and has been answerable to several Boards of Directors and shareholders.

Known for his new business development ability and history of consistently increasing annual sales and revenues, he was a perfect fit for Pulse~LINK, Inc. and joined the company as CEO in 2012.  Having immersed himself in the technology-savvy corporation, he is now leading the business planning; overseeing market development and facilitating the establishment of the long-term strategic vision for the company; which will see it branch out beyond home entertainment to broader industry markets.

Greg Elmassian

Chief Engineer / Chief Operating Officer

Greg Elmassian has over twenty-five years’ experience building engineering teams and creating successful telecommunications products. Prior to joining Pulse~LINK, Greg led projects at Wind River, Uniden and Denso International. Products and systems developed by Mr. Elmassian include architecting and designing the industry’s first StongARM based set top box. This product, the industry’s first Java-based STB, was featured on Sun’s web site and presented at the JavaOne conference. The hardware and software for this product was designed and developed in less than six months, including a pilot manufacturing run, second-spin and preliminary FCC/CE mark approval.

Other notable achievements include designing, building and managing the engineering team for a wireless cellular business system, including switch fabric, call control, mobility, et cetera. Mr. Elmassian was also responsible for new product development of Denso’s private wireless cellular phone systems (PHS) offering. Software development projects include low level call processing using embedded processors, high level application development under ISO/OSI model, using ISDN BRI/PRI and development under C++ on multiple platforms.

Dr. Ivan Krivokapic

Director, RF Systems Engineering

Dr. Ivan Krivokapic brings over twenty years of experience in the field of RF systems architecture definition and analysis, together with antenna & RF circuitry design. At Pulse~LINK his responsibilities range from RFIC system architecture to hardware design and implementation of HDTV streaming & multimedia content over both, coax and wireless media via DSSS UWB. At Olympus Communications Systems of America, Ivan spearheaded OFDM UWB-based radio system analysis, including full wave multipath simulations and RF system componentry for video streaming in wireless medical monitoring. During his tenure with Olympus, Dr. Krivokapic architected and specified ultra-low power UHF ASIC RFICs targeted at ICD applications.

Other career highlights: MaxLinear: As Senior Systems Manager, Dr. Krivokapic was responsible for overseeing and providing technical guidance to the system engineering group responsible for satellite channel/band stacking ODU/MDU and DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 infrastructure ICs.

STMicroelectronics: As Principal RF System Engineer, Ivan’s responsibilities included the RF systems aspects of CDMA 2000 RFICs. Later, at the advanced radio architecture group, he performed system analysis and drafted specification for the 801.11n transmitter 65nm CMOS block. Dr. Krivokapic holds eight US, and international patents, in the field of radio communications.

Dr. James P.K. Gilb

System Architect

Dr. James P. K. Gilb has 21 years’ experience in a variety of areas including; radar absorbing materials, RFIC & radio systems design and MAC protocols. From 1993-1995, he developed advanced artificial electromagnetic materials, radar absorbing materials and radar absorbing structures at Hexcel’s Advanced Products Division (acquired by the Northrop Grumman). James joined Motorola in 1995 as a radio system designer. He joined the Mobilian Corporation in 2000, where he developed the radio architecture, and wrote the specification, for their RF/analog chip, which supported simultaneous operation of IEEE Std 802.11 and Bluetooth. He was also responsible for the detailed design and layout for the front-end RF circuits of the chip.

In 2002, Dr. Gilb joined Appairent Technologies as Director of Radio Engineering, where he was responsible for overseeing and implementing the complete physical layer for IEEE Std 802.15.3. James joined SiBEAM in 2005 as Director, Standards and Advanced Technology working on a variety of Gb/s wireless technologies, including the wireless transmission of uncompressed high-definition video using millimeter wave technology. In January 2011, he joined Tensorcom as Director Product Development & Technical Marketing, working on the lowest-power IEEE 802.11ad SoC.

James joined Pulse~LINK in February 2015 as  System Architect, where he is working on the next generation CWave technology.

Dr. Gilb is currently the IEEE 802 LMSC Executive Committee Second Vice Chair and the IEEE 802.15 Working Group Technical Editor. He was the Technical Editor of six IEEE 802 standards. He has nine issued patents, many papers in refereed journals and is the author of three books.

Paul Dillon

Vice President of Business Development

Paul Dillon has over 35 years’ experience in a wide variety of industries including semiconductors, Internet, construction, alternative energy and property development. A member of the Pulse~LINK team since the company’s inception, he helped formulate marketing strategy and is responsible for managing relationships with major national and international electronics companies.