CWave over HFC Cable Networks

CWave over Hybrid Fiber Coax Networks HFC

An Alternative Ethernet Path over Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Cable Networks

Coexistence with existing cable services is a critical factor when considering a home networking solution. Compatibility, however, brings with it additional opportunities. Pulse~LINK’s CWave technology operates above spectrum currently used over the entire HFC network—not just the home, opening up potential for an entirely separate data path over coaxial cable.

With CWave, it’s possible to add new, two-way bandwidth, independent of DOCSIS. Although many configurations are possible, the simple addition of CWave chipsets at the node (and customer premise) can provide up to 1.35 Gbps of raw data rate across the neighborhood node.


CWave over Hybrid Fiber Coax Networks


Over the past few decades, the most significant challenge for the cable industry has been spectrum management. Advancements in compression technologies, together with the conversion from analog to digital, have allowed MSOs to compress as many as ten channels into the bandwidth formerly occupied by one.

Future cable enhancements will demand even greater bandwidth. One such requirement is conversion to IPTV. On IPTV systems, channels don’t have pre-assigned slots. Instead, the system delivers channels only when requested.

IPTV conversion is going to be expensive for the cable industry. Fortunately, CWave offers an alternative solution for creating additional bandwidth. With a roadmap capable of delivering 12 Gbps, CWave delivers a cost-effective upgrade, complimentary to DOCSIS.

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