CWave® Technology

CWave RF Transceiver chip

Pulse~LINK’s CWave® technology delivers end-to-end distribution of HD content over wired (coax) or wireless media, with support for isochronous transport, guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS).

Coax cable provides an excellent medium for video signals, but its original design never considered frequencies above 2 GHz. Today’s services are bandwidth intensive, occupying all available spectrum below 1 GHz and spilling over into higher Radio Frequency (RF) bands.

CWave® approaches RF in a radically new and innovative way, enabling large amounts of additional bandwidth to coexist with legacy cable services. Traditional narrow band modulation techniques rely on cramming as many bits into as little spectrum as possible. CWave® takes a different approach, using Gigahertz of RF spectrum to transfer and communicate digital data at very low signal levels. In short, CWave® peacefully coexists with all legacy RF spectrum while adding Gigabits of new digital data-carrying capacity.

It’s ALL in the MAC

The networking of multimedia HD content requires support for isochronous transport to guarantee QoS. CWave’s optimized 802.15.3b MAC has been engineered from the ground up to support Whole-Home-Entertainment-Networks (WHEN). No other technology including Wi-Fi, MoCA, WiMedia, HomePlug, HPNA, Ethernet or USB is able to guarantee deterministic isochronous transport.


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