CWave MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) Broadband Solutions

Provide Triple Play services to MDUs (Multi Dwelling Units)

MSOs such as Cable, Satellite and Telcos (FTTH) need to extend coverage from Point of Entry (PoE) to multiple rooms or offices. Most homes and apartment buildings can leverage existing Cable TV wiring by using CWave® Pro to deliver voice, video and data to any room with a TV wall outlet. Each installation may differ in detail, but the general premise applies:

  1. Connect a router to a CWave® unit via Ethernet cable
  2. Connect the CWave® unit to a coax wall outlet
  3. Connect one CWave® device per remote (room) coax wall outlet

Each CWave® unit has the capability of being a Client Device or Piconet Controller (PNC). The CWave® Media Access Controller (MAC) will self-configure into a mesh-network of up to 256 nodes.

Cable and satellite companies might connect their Set Top Box (STB) to a remote thin client via CWave®. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) providers can install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) at the Cable PoE, connect a CWave® PNC, and utilize existing coax to position their Broadband Home Router/Gateway (BHR) inside the customer premise.

Several MDU install scenarios are possible. The following diagram shows an apartment building with existing coax feeds from the PoE to each living unit. This topology suits the positioning of a Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT) at the Cable PoE. Each living unit can be served by individual ONTs connected by two CWave® units to the coax end-point. CWave® Pro can deliver 1.35 Gbps raw data rate over this point-to-point connection.

Example use-case of CWave Ethernet over Coax in a Multi-Dwelling Unit MDU

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