CWave in Healthcare

CWave Bandwidth for Healthcare - Ethernet-over-coax

CWave Solution Delivers Wired and Wireless Broadband to Hospitals and Health-care Facilities

Recognizing the need to expand broadband services for the health care industry, the Healthcare Connect Fund provides up to $400 million per year to qualified applicants to fund broadband services and network equipment.

CWave’s Ethernet-over-coax solution removes the need for expensive Cat 5/6 wiring and minimizes disruption to hospital services.

In addition to providing broadband over coax, CWave offers outstanding performance over the air, from the same chipset.

Hospital – 100 Mbps

  • Supports hospital management functions, email, and web browsing
  • Allows simultaneous use of EHR and high-quality video consultations
  • Enables real-time image transfer
  • Enables continuous remote monitoring
  • Makes possible use of HD video consultations


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