Pulse Link Restructures Poised To Market CWave™ Chip Technology

  • Pulse~LINK Inc. reorganized with new management team.
  • New products based on CWave™ technology to be introduced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013.
  • Pulse-LINK’s CWave™ Chipset is result of $100 million investment in research & development.
  • CWave™ only networking technology capable of operating both wired and wirelessly.
  • Expanding markets beyond home entertainment to business, automotive, aviation and military.

DECEMBER 06, 2012 – Carlsbad, CA –  A reorganized and strengthened Pulse~LINK is ready to re-ignite its growth as one of the most innovative technology companies in the United States. Pulse~LINK is launching its highly rated CWave™ technology; the only chipset in the world capable of operating over both wired and wireless media simultaneously.  “Pulse~LINK’s state-of-art CWave™ chipset, at 1.35 Gigabits per second, is the highest performance solution available today for networking digital data over wires or wirelessly,” stated John Santhoff, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.  “With over $100 million of research and development invested to develop Pulse~LINK’s CWave™ technology, we are now  bringing to market products based on that technology here in the United States and internationally with positive results.”  Pulse~LINK will be demonstrating products based on CWave™ technology in Las Vegas at CES 2013 in January.

Pulse~LINK Inc., recognized as one of the most promising and emerging technology companies in the late 2000’s, was also one of the many affected by the economic downturn.  “Taking prudent business steps to weather the storm has paid off significantly and with a revamped corporate structure we can now effectively re-focus on getting our technology into the marketplace,” said Brady Buckley, the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.  “Over the last couple of years, companies have been working with us to develop products based on CWave™ technology which we are now able to launch. CWave™ is unique from other Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) products of the past and this has enabled us to succeed when other UWB solutions have not.”

CWave™ enables new capabilities and functionalities never before possible for both wired and wireless applications with a low complexity architecture that enables low cost, small size, low power and high performance.  It is based on a groundbreaking approach to UWB communications technology that optimizes its unique attributes to achieve the highest data rates, most robust performance over coaxial cable, and best wireless performance for the unique requirements of wireless HD connections all from a single chipset.

Having perfected its whole home entertainment application, Pulse~LINK has now expanded its product line to include business consumers, as well as broad industries such as automotive, aviation and military.   The CWave™ technology enables a more simplified approach of interconnecting all electronic devices on vehicles, aircrafts or other industry-based assets.   “We are confident that our technology will be instrumental in advancing and simplifying a whole host of industries in the future,” added Buckley.  “The sky is truly the limit and our strategic planning reflects that.”


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