PL3100 Family Typical Wireless Application Configuration

The PL3100 CWave® wireless chipset is comprised of the PL3130 Baseband+MAC, PL3120 RF Transceiver and the PL3110 Low Noise Amplifier. The PL3120 and PL3130 are preconfigured in one package.



CWave PL3100 Block Diagram


PL3100 chipset (typical wireless application configuration) features include:

  • Selectable Data Rates to 1.012 Gbps
  • Implements the IEEE 802.15.3b MAC
  • Full Support for QoS Traffic
  • CWave® BPSK modulation and demodulation
  • Advanced Forward Error Correction
  • 3-stage Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA)
  • Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)


CWave® Chipset Product Brief

Pulse~LINK CWave 3100 Chipset Product Brief

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