PL3100 Family Typical Coax Application Configuration

The PL3100 CWave® chipset is comprised of the PL3130 Baseband+MAC, PL3120 RF Transceiver and the PL3111 Analog Front End. The same chipset supports wired and wireless connectivity, and coexists with CATV signaling.



PL3100 Chipset Ethernet over Coax Analog Front End AFE


PL3100 chipset (typical coax application configuration) features include:

  • Selectable data rates to 1.012 Gbps
  • GigE over coax bridging
  • Implements the IEEE 802.15.3b MAC
  • Full Support for QoS traffic
  • CWave® BPSK modulation and demodulation
  • Advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • 3-stage Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA)
  • PL3111 Analog Front End (AFE)


CWave® Chipset Product Brief

Pulse~LINK CWave 3100 Chipset Product Brief

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